Bridal blueprint

Introducing my Bridal Blueprint – Your Path to Wedding-Ready Skin.

At Sukha Skin and Wellness, my Bridal Blueprints are curated through a thorough consultation because no bride, or skin is the same. This personalised experience allows you to openly discuss your wellness and aesthetic concerns and goals. Following this, I provide you with a result-focused, custom plan to ensure your skin radiates with plumpness, glow, and readiness for your big day.

I understand that in the lead up to your big day you not only want to look, but you want (and deserve to) FEEL your absolute best. As a certified holistic health and mindfulness coach my support can go beyond your skin. You may be interested to learn more about my coaching program here.

Six months out

To achieve that flawless bridal glow, we recommend commencing your bridal treatment plan six months before your wedding. This allows ample time for your skin to repair any long-term damage, correct imperfections, and renew its vibrancy.

My Collagen Induction Therapy Facial treatment, known for minimal invasiveness and high effectiveness in overall rejuvenation, address skin texture, pigmentation, and under-eye brightness. A series of three to six treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart, is recommended to achieve optimal results. Commencing your wedding ready skin journey 6 months out from your big day allows us enough time to prepare your skin for Collagen Induction Therapy giving your skin the best chance for optimal results.

Three months out

For that radiant complexion on your wedding day, we suggest a series of Bespoke Facials. These treatments support your acid mantle allowing your skin to function optimally, and in return eliminate superficial concerns, encourage natural desquamation, and decongest, resulting in radiant, healthy skin. We recommend a series of three treatments, spaced three-five weeks apart.

If you are not already on a prescribed home-care regime now is the ideal time to star. What we do everyday at home has immense power to transform your skin health and compliments everything we do in the studio. Explore my corneotheraputic skincare line Dermaviduals here.

One month out

As your wedding day approaches, attain luminous skin with no downtime through our Bespoke Facials with LED add on. These facials offer numerous benefits, leaving your skin invigorated, smooth, and radiantly glowing. They can be performed weekly in the month leading up to your special day.

On Your Special Day

Enhance your skin's canvas for makeup application with an epinouvelle+ naturelle Hydration Sheet Mask on the morning of your wedding. This locks in moisture and creates the perfect foundation for your makeup.

The above are suggestions only, when treating individuals I always take a personalised approach. We will map out your perfect blueprint in your Advanced Skin Analysis.

Prepay for your bridal skin treatments to enjoy a 20% discount. A minimum of six treatments is required to qualify for this special offer. Alternatively explore my Membership options to provide a budget friendly approach. It's time to shine on your wedding day!