Let's get to know your skin

Advanced Skin Analysis

Unparalleled Skin Analysis: It's about understanding your skin, not just products.

Our skin analysis isn't your typical consultation; it's a comprehensive journey into the core of your skin's needs. We are not just here to sell you skincare or suggest countless treatments. Our goal is to empower you with deep insights into your skin's inner workings and provide guidance for achieving lasting results, both in the treatment room and in your daily life.

At Sukha, it's all about prioritising your skin's health above all else. We believe that to guide you toward optimal skin, we must first understand your unique skin profile. We take the time to truly get to know you.

Once we identify the root causes of your skin concerns, we craft a personalised program designed to restore and rejuvenate your skin, delivering tangible, lasting outcomes.

By the time you leave our studio, you'll not only feel confident and knowledgeable about your skin, but you'll also know you're in the hands of an expert who genuinely cares.

$110 | Allow up to 45 mins

We offer bespoke facials allowing us to honour your skins bio-individuality. Your skin treatment will begin with an in-depth skin analysis allowing us to build your treatment from the ground up every visit. The versatility of our clinic partner Dermaviduals supports us to create endless treatment combinations meaning no two treatments are the same. 

For ease of booking we have curated 4 foundation Facials giving you the freedom to choose the treatment that best suits your time availability, skin goals and budget. We adapt each facial

Each facial includes a customised double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions if needed, a bespoke serum infusion, soul nourishing massage and a personalised face mask.

  • Level 1

    45 MINS | $160

    Level 1 is the ideal facial if you're time poor or on a budget but want a glow up. We focus on skin loving ingredients that support a healthy skin barrier and increase hydration including a nourishing cream based mask leaving your skin hydrated, calm and glowing.

  • Level 2

    60 MINS | $190

    Having more time allows us to curate your skins ideal facial focusing on creating cellular change leading to transforming your skin in time. We hold space for you to unwind and shut out the external world blending facial, decollate and shoulder massage you will leave with glowing skin and a calm mind. This is our go to facial for regular skin maintenance.

  • Level 3

    75 MINS | $230

    Level 3 is the perfect facial for those wanting the Day Spa experience with Clinical results. Entwining guided meditation, advanced ingredients, LED Light Therapy and lymphatic drainage massage to create significant changes in your skin and mind. Utilising multiple serum infusions the opportunities for targeting specific skin concerns are endless.
    You will leave this treatment feeling renewed inside out.

  • Level 4

    90 MINS | $270

    The ultimate soul and skin experience and my favourite facial to perform, the Level 4 facial utilises advanced ingredients and LED therapy delivering cellular hydration, detoxification and targeted visible results.

    Enjoy guided meditation, Palo Santo cleanse, scalp, hand and arm massage whilst your skin is drenched in two customised masks to supply immense skin nourishment and barrier support.

    If you are seeking skin education and mind and body relaxation this facial is for you.

Bespoke back revival

45 mins | $199

Indulge in our back treatment crafted to tackle stubborn breakouts, revive often overlooked skin, and let us support the hard to reach skin on the back and shoulders. We believe in giving your back the TLC it deserves, just like we do for your face.

In a 45-minute session, we begin with a meticulous double cleanse to prep your skin for optimal results. Next, we employ enzymes to unclog pores and soothe any inflammation. Our expert team performs gentle extractions to clear away impurities before treating your skin to the rejuvenating benefits of LED Light therapy- enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while the LED does it's thing. Finally, we apply a healing kaolin clay mask to clarify and restore balance to your skin. Experience the love and care your back deserves with our tailored treatments!

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