Our team's approach is deeply rooted in the philosophy of corneotherapy – the science of nurturing and revitalising healthy skin. This distinctive method treats the skin as a dynamic organ, employing products that mirror its structure and function to promote preservation and overall wellness. Recognsing the unique nature of each individual's skin, we provide personalised care tailored to specific skin types and conditions. We believe in the innate wisdom of our skin and bodies to achieve optimal health, advocating for minimal intervention in a society driven by excess. By integrating traditional and modern therapies with clinical products and techniques, we offer an elevated experience that yields genuine results.

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At Sukha Skin + Wellness, our team is dedicated to nurturing and listening to your needs. With 45 years of collective experience in the beauty and wellness industry, we've honed the skills and expertise to assist you in all aspects of mind-body wellness. Our comprehensive understanding of skin health allows us to guide you towards achieving radiant, healthy skin. We prioritise self-care and empower you to live confidently.

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Discover the best in skincare and wellness at Sukha Skin + Wellness, with two convenient locations to serve you. Our primary location in Aspley, just 10km north of Brisbane city. 

You can also see us at By Roxy, the home of Brisbane's leading Brow Artists located in Windsor. Two locations, endless possibilities for your skincare and wellness needs.

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After extensive research and personally trialing a number of different ranges, we are thrilled to collaborate with Dermaviduals®. Their corneotherapeutic approach, backed by scientifically proven methods, aligns seamlessly with your wellness and anti-aging goals. What sets Dermaviduals® apart is their dedication to clean beauty, respect for the skins integrity, creating significant change in the skin devoid of harmful elements. This partnership equips us to effectively cater to a diverse range of skin needs, embracing wellness and targeting anti-aging concerns. Whether it's nurturing a youthful glow, fortifying skin health, or addressing specific aging-related concerns – Dermaviduals® provides solutions that are in perfect harmony with your preference for clean, proven skincare.


Dermaviduals® was established 30 years ago earning global recognition among top skin aestheticians and health enthusiasts.

Dermaviduals® products are meticulously crafted by KoKo GmbH & Co.KG to meet the exacting standards of Dr. Hans Lautenschläger, a revered authority in pharmacology and chemistry.

Just as fingerprints are unique, so is your skin. In 1994, Dr. Hans Lautenschläger and his research team created a personalised skincare range, setting Dermaviduals® apart from conventional one-size-fits-all solutions of the past. Experience skincare tailored to your individual needs and embrace a new era of wellness-focused, anti-aging beauty.

Dermaviduals® do not contain:

  • Emulsifiers
  • Preservatives or parabens
  • Silicones or mineral oils
  • Perfumes or fragrances
  • Amines
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Meet Isobella

Isobella's journey into the world of skin health commenced in her early teens, experimenting with homemade facial scrubs and nourishing face masks, influenced by her mother's emphasis on self-care and nurturing touch. This early passion laid the foundation for her career in the wellness industry. Beginning as a Group Fitness Instructor at 17, Isobella transitioned to Beauty Therapy at 19, driven by an unwavering desire to learn and grow. This path led her to work within renowned wellness establishments like Saffire Spa, Aurora Spa Retreat, and KAILO Wellness MediSpa, expertly blending deep relaxation with clinical excellence. Now residing in Brisbane, she Isobella expanded her expertise to encompass Yoga and Holistic Health Mindfulness Coaching, deepening her commitment to holistic well-being.

Isobellas unwavering focus on skin and wellness, fueled by her background in Beauty Therapy and holistic wellness drives her goal to create transformative experiences that rejuvenate the skin and uplift the spirit. Through sharing insights and value, she aims to empower women to unveil their skin's radiance and embark on a journey to holistic vitality that radiates from within.

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  • Meet Sandra

    A skincare expert with over two decades of experience dedicated to helping clients achieve radiant, healthy skin from within. With a diploma in beauty therapy and certifications in advanced skin education, Sandra specialises in transformative facial massage techniques, including Pro-Age Neolifting and Buccal Massage. As a passionate corneotherapist and member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, she emphasises the holistic connection between skincare and overall wellness. Sandra's personalised treatments integrate therapeutic techniques to promote harmony within the body, ensuring each client leaves with not just better skin, but a sense of balance and vitality.

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  • Meet Lauren

    With eight years of experience in the beauty industry, Lauren's journey began with the completion of her diploma of beauty therapy in 2016. It was during this time that she uncovered her true passion for skin and dermal therapy, which has remained her focus ever since. In 2023, she furthered her education by earning her bachelor of nursing degree, expanding her expertise to encompass both external and internal health. With additional training in cosmetic injectables, Lauren brings a comprehensive understanding of skin ageing processes and facial structure to her practice, offering clients a holistic approach to skincare.

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