As a Holistic Health and Mindfulness Coach I am certified to guide you to upgrade your overall wellbeing through diet, and lifestyle changes. I can help you to develop a deeper understanding of different dietary theories and lifestyle choices and together we find the best fit for your bio-individuality. I believe that health goes beyond what we eat and how we move and together we look at all aspects of your life including your career, spirituality, relationships, financial health and more.

  • Wellness Consultation


    Interested in creating a
    customised wellness plan? Curious how a Health Coach can help
    you? During this complimentary, virtual session, you can discuss your current health concerns and goals with me and receive my guidance on best next steps. You will leave with a better understanding of how Sukha Skin and Wellness can support you on your journey to better health. 

    Please note: This is an
    introductory session, and can only be booked once

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  • Health Coaching Session


    During this session, we will work together to identify your top health priorities and together we will create a personalised plan to address them. Whether you are wanting support post-partum, to make movement a way of your everyday life, improve your nutrition, develop a better mindset, or support your skin health journey this session is the perfect re-boot.

    This session is perfect for those looking to upgrade their current wellness practices with a once off coaching session.

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  • Health Coaching Package


    No matter where you are on your health journey, I will help you to identify your personal goals and create a clear path to reach them, encouraging you to connect to the needs of your body and addressing
    any obstacles along the way. During this program, we will meet for 6 x 50 minute sessions either monthly or fortnightly. You will receive personalised recommendations and tools to create sustainable change. You will complete this program with a better understanding of your health, a compassionate mindset and a strong foundation to continue to build from.

Inclusions in the health coaching package

6 x 50 minute one:one coaching sessions

As a certified Health Coach I am your partner in wellness; I provide expert advice, motivation and accountability to help you create impactful shifts that transform your health.

A personalised wellness plan

Incorporating dietary, movement, mindfulness, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

Guided meditation

It is important to quieten the outside noise, so we start each session with a short guided meditation. This encourages an open heart and mind allowing vulnerability and true change to occur.

Unlimited email support between sessions

Whether you are having a particularly rough day or just need someone to brain dump your thoughts onto

Recommendations of my favourite resources

Books, podcasts, videos, tools specific to your current situation, handouts and customised recipes

A personalised exercise program

As a Certificate IV Qualified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher I will design a exercise program specifically for you to match your movement goals.

You made it to the bottom, that tells me you are serious about creating change.

The next step is to book your free 20 minute wellness consultation, this gives us the chance to get to know each other a little bit better. I can hear from you about your areas of focus and what you're hoping to achieve and you can hear a bit more about me and what I do and together we can decide if we are the right fit before selecting the best coaching option for you.