Introducing our glow mama memberships

As a mother of two, I understand firsthand the myriad of changes and adjustments that accompany the journey of motherhood. One significant transition for me was the shift from a full-time career with financial independence to becoming a dedicated caregiver, where self-care routines suddenly felt like an unaffordable luxury. When envisioning my business, I was driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others, particularly those navigating similar challenges. Hence, I'm thrilled to introduce the "Mumma Glow" membership—a special offering tailored to the incredible mothers in our community who are currently on maternity leave, devoting themselves to nurturing their little ones while adjusting to a single income household. With this membership, you can save 20% when you commit to a 12-month skin care journey, ensuring that self-care remains accessible and prioritised during this rewarding yet demanding time of life. To learn more and register your interest, please click the link below.

Hurry, as this pre-launch offer is limited to the first five women who sign up.

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Eligibility: The Glow Mama membership is available to all mothers who have transitioned from full-time employment to become full-time caregivers for their children, operating on a single household income.

Membership Duration: The minimum membership commitment is 12 months, or until employment status changes.

Availability: Membership benefits are accessible during off-peak hours, Monday through Thursday.

Benefits: Members will receive priority booking during off-peak hours, a 20% discount on all skincare services, and a free Advanced Skin Analysis upon joining.

Limited Availability: The Glow Mama membership is available to a limited number of participants during the launch phase.

Registration: To register interest and learn more about the membership, please click the provided link and follow the instructions.

These terms and conditions aim to provide accessible and inclusive membership benefits to mothers during their maternity leave period.